1.  Humanity comes before any kind of secularism, feminism, or democracy. Nowadays ,  ‘humanity’ considers a man uttering a sweet little word “talaq” three times in a row , to unilaterally divorce his wife. Of course! Its not inhuman. However , it is religion and religion is honorable!                                                                                 Or lets not get too crusted. There is something more, beyond our wildest dreams. Present day ‘humanity’ also considers Instant Talaq by so called ‘men’ over media platforms, be it Skype, Whatsapp or Hangouts.                                                                      Certainly , you would be wondering that why do only ‘Indian’ Muslim Women have to live with such mental insecurities? Because , its religion. And, as already stated , Religion is honorable!
  2. Indian Muslim Women are born to make their men happy and then someday , to be left on the streets to die. No arguments, because it is a religious rule, a matter of faith as per the AIMPLB, just like ” Ram was born in Ayodhya ” is a matter of faith for the Hindus.                                                                                                                                And , religious faiths are honorable!
  3.  Last but not the least, we come to the cruelest irony.                                                           India has neighbors like Pakistan & Bangladesh and sweet relations with nations like Saudi Arabia , who have readily banned Polygamy. No, this action shouldn’t be even thought of being taken in India. As , India is secular. So religions are honorable! More honorable than fundamental rights.

    Wide acceptance of an idea , is not the proof of its validity. Excuses like Social Boycott or any other form of alternatives by the AIMPLB are in vain and a stain on the name of our country. BAN TRIPLE TALAQ OR GIVE THE EXACT SAME RIGHT TO MUSLIM WOMEN.


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