An entr’acte in the melancholy of night,

yet sustained an esplanade to light!

I gazed upon the moon,

For an inspiration to shine soon!


The quagmire of philistinism holds me tight,

A requisite to emerge atop twilight.

Eftsoons quoth the stars,

“Loon you are to believe in moon!

Foresee our maverick spark, for they shall glisten

thou independently till far!”


A deep cognizance followed,

and doubted my intellect hollowed!

Call it capriciousness of mine,

for I admonished towards education in line.


The silver lining of the clouds,

then shrieked out loud,

“An entr’acte in the melancholy of night ,

always sustains an esplanade to light!”


I learnt , I retained , I planned and executed,

The essence of education left me satiated!

The twinkling stars vanished away my scars,

Education is an ocean, whose depth has no bar!


Quagmire of philistinism,

I emerged apart.

Eftsoons quoth the stars,

“A day full of radience is now no far!”




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